Monday, May 2, 2011

Hot Toys Astro Boy

At long last I have acquired the one Astro Boy toy I have been wanting since the moment I saw pictures of it.

The packaging is pretty simple and subtle. So subtle that I almost didn't notice it in the store. But it's very nice. Rather pretty and artistic for a toy box. Although despite only being a 9 inch figure, this is a LOT of box. The box almost twice the size of the toy.

Once out of the box you can really appreciate all the details put to this figure. The head sculpt is beautiful. It looks just like him. No silly expressions, no attempts to make him look "hip" or "tough." It's just Astro Boy. Some have complained that this makes him look bland but I think this speaks his character very well.

I like the articulation. It's not perfect, but it's some of the best articulation I've seen in an Astro Boy figure

He comes with a few items that all attach to his arms and legs including arm cannons, extra hands, and rocket feet.

These attach to his hands just fine and offer more action pose opportunities. But there is major issue

He comes with rocket feet that are supposed to attach to the bottom of his boots but his feet refuse to come off and I paid (shutters) $150 for this thing to risk breaking it so sorry but I don't have pictures of him with the rockets attached.

You're right Astro. They DO fail.

A nice feature on the toy is that you can open up his chest panel. Not only are the details on the blue core and the machinery excellent, but when you press the blue core

His eyes light up. the eyes are nice and bright too. I ended up using his eyes as flashlights on occasion.

All in all I think it's a good figure. My only real complaint is that certain feet won't come off. For collectors and adult fans, this is the perfect item for you. If you just want an Astro Boy to play with, I'd recommend one of Jazwares' figures instead.