Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Thundercats action figures

I've reviewed the new show, now it's time for the toys!

These were all they had which is fortunate 'cause quite frankly, these were all I could afford. Right off the bat, I'm rather impressed. Sure, the packaging is nothing new, but I really like the packaging design. Though I do really like the art of every character on each package. One complaint I have though is that Lion-o's weapons were packaged bent. I checked all the Lion-os they had and they were all like that. So now my Lion-o is stuck with a bent sword. Not cool, Bandai.

The sculpting on these toys in my opinion is fantastic. I think these have great detail for a 4" line. The painting is really nicely applied too although I noticed Lion-o and Tygra's little screws and joints aren't painted. A rather big deal to hardcore collectors. But just a minor irritation to me. I'm more annoyed by the bent sword.

Both Lion-o and Tygra have the same amount of articulation. Their arms move up and down, their shoulders move up and down, their heads turn at a 360 base (Lion-o has an issue with that but I'll address it later) and their legs are just as articulated as their arms.

The only one who's a little disappointing in the articulation department is Mumm-Ra. His arms move up and down, his wrists rotate, but that's it. No leg articulation. Mind you, being Mumm-Ra, there aren't many poses you'd probably want him to be in. He also lacked in the accessories. He only came with a dagger and a "Scarab shield." Meaning Mumm-Ra's just trying to copy Lion-o's gear. Real original there, Mumm-Ra.

Tygra comes with his classic whip and a pistol. That's right. Tygra's packin' heat now!

Some have complained about Tygra's rubber whip. They've said it should've been made of something more pose able. I disagree. Let's not forget that this is intended to be a children's toy and a personally believe children wouldn't be as interested in that sort of thing. Besides, I personally find the whip lots of fun

and for your convenience, Tygra also has a holster for his pistol. Which is very good. Few toys remember to add a holster for their weapons. It's king of a tight fit but it works well.

One thing I gotta ask though. Who's idea was it to take a man with ORANGE fur and make him wear GREEN armor? Talk about clashing!!

and finally, we have Lion-o. Who in my opinion is the best figure so far. Should be, being "Lord of the Thundercats" and all. He comes with his claw shield, his sword in dagger mode, and his sword in full battle mode. But as I said before, they were packaged bent so unless you put some weight on them for a while, they're gonna be a little bent looking. Especially the dagger.

I don't see many kids finding use for the dagger and I think it's going to go down as this year's easiest to lose toy accessory, but it's nice that you have the ability to slip it in the claw shield like Lion-o does in the show. This makes it a little more difficult getting the claw shield on his arm but it still works.

I have only one real complaint here. Earlier I said Lion-o has in issue turning his head. Well, he can turn all the way to the left but if he tries to look to the right, his shoulder pad gets in the way. It gets in the way when you lift his arm too. I also personally find this shoulder pad rather bulky and clunky looking.

So I removed it. I think he looks better this way. Don't take the pad off unless you REALLY want it off though because it's difficult to get it back on.

Over all I am very pleased with these toys and will be buying more once I found them. So far, the only place I've seen them is Toys R Us. I have two Wal-marts and a Target and none of them had this line so right now, I think Toys R Us is your best bet.