Sunday, March 27, 2011


I actually got this bad boy for Christmas but with my camera kind of out of commission, I wasn't able to do my review until now.
Since the first day I saw pictures of the prototype of this at Toy Fair, I knew I must own it. With five seats instead of the original VAMP's two, and an awesome looking gun in the back, how could I NOT want this? And now that I do, does it hold up to my expectations? Let's find out

Let's start with the driver it comes with. "Double Clutch." Not a whole lot to say here. He's a decent standard figure. Properly pose able, and comes with a pistol and a satchel. Hey, if they're good enough for Indiana Jones, they're good enough for GI Joe.

The Vamp itself once out of the box and assembled is just plain awesome looking. Like I said before, it holds five places to fit your Joes in as apposed to the original 1982 Vamp that only fit two. But my other favorite thing about it is that it's semi customizable. As you can see here, we have a machine gun in the back but if your Joes need a little extra fire power, you can detach that and replace it with a rocket launcher

There are also extra holes up front so you can attach the guns there instead. I personally find this makes it kinda silly looking but if you want it, it's there.
All these options give a lot of play time opportunities.

Although it may cause the Joes to take longer in getting ready...
Is there anything about the Vamp I DON'T like? Well, yes. There are a couple of minor issues

For some reason there's a claw in the front that can be pulled out. I think it's supposed to be a towing hook but wouldn't it have made more sense to put this in the back? Otherwise, it's just kinda in the way

Finally, I don't care for their choice of color for the bottom. They got the strange idea that a jungle vehicle should be painted red somewhere.

But overall, there are minor issues to what is a fantastic vehicle. I've heard some Joe fans complain about it but I don't know what their deal is. As far as I'm concerned, every Joe fan should have this in their GI Joe motorpool.

This is the Ninja Pirate signing out