Sunday, January 31, 2010

3.75" scale Tails figure by Jazwares

This is the very first Tails action figure I bought. I don't remember what year it came out exactly, but it was back when KB Toys were in every mall. His poseability is weak, the action feature is lame and gimmicky, and his head sculpt looks goofy and like he's sticking his tongue out. He was lame, but the only Tails figure available to me at the time and being such a big Tails fan, I took what I could get. Why am I mentioning this figure? So you'll understand why I love the Tails figure I'm about to review.

A new Sonic the Hedgehog toyline from Jazwares has hit Toys R Us, and it looks great. As I said before, Tails is my number one favorite character so I started with him. The packaging is nice. Nothing really wowing to mention here. Pretty standard toy packaging.

Right out of the package, Tails appears to be an excellent figure. The first thing I want to mention is the massive improvement on his head sculpt from the previous figure. This head sculpt just looks like Tails. No funny expressions, no tongue sticking out, just a proper head sculpt.

the articulation is great. The package says it's got 12 points of articulation and the poses you can put him in certainly show it


Kung-Fu Tails. Move over, Chuck Norris. There's a NEW butt kicker in town!

If there's anything BAD I can say about the figure, it's that joints do seem just a wee bit loose and his tails are so big, that they weight him down, making it rather difficult to get him to proper stand up. But hey, because of those tails, he can do THIS!

So if you're a Sonic fan or a Tails fan, I highly recommend this Toys R Us exclusive figure. Especially since he was only $4.99
Now, what's it going to take for Jazwares to do toys like this of the Archie characters? I want a Princess Sally figure!

Until Tails has some more Sonic characters to hang out with, he accepted an opening in GI Joe

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