Thursday, March 4, 2010

Masters of the Universe Mini comics

Everyone knows the story of He-Man. Prince Adam held aloft his magic sword and said "By the Power of Grayskull" and revealing "Fabulous secret powers" becoming He-Man!
But, did you know of another story of He-Man that came before the animated series? It was told in mini-comics included with every Masters of the Universe action figure.

This story is actually quite different from the one we know. There is no Prince Adam, no Sorceress of Grayskull, and no "By the Power of Grayskull."

In this story, He-Man is He-Man 24/7 and is the strongest warrior of his tribe. He tells his people that evil forces threaten to take over the legendary Castle Grayskull and must leave to fight them if "We are to know lasting peace."
Did I mention that these comics had some pretty corny dialog?

through his journey, he finds A Sorceress in trouble. Once he rescues her, she sees his strength and courage and sees that it marks him as the legendary Hero who is to inherit the treasures she's been gaurding.

She brings him to a cave where these "treasures" lie. The treasures are suits, (A force field suit, and a super strength suit which both look suspiciously like the same damn chest harness thing) weapons, and vehicles that will aid his strength in his defense of Castle Grayskull.
Isn't it convenient that he rescued the very woman that was looking for him? Amazing how these things work.

As He-Man builds his new home with these items, elsewhere we meet Skeletor and Beast Man who are secretly watching Tee-La: The Warrior goddess. Now, this is where the story confuses me. Here is the Tee-la action figure

Aside from the green skin, she looks just like that Sorceress yet in this comic, they seem to think Teela and this Sorceress were two different characters. Where they intended to make them separate characters but changed their minds in the last minute? Or was whoever write this simply unaware? Anyway, Skeletor looks at Tee-la with great desire. He wishes for her to be his bride. So basically he wants to hit that warrior like a rabid rabbit in mating season!

So, what does Skeletor do to win his goddess? Does he woo her? Bring her flowers and chocolates? Hell No! This is Skeletor. The Almighty Badass of evil! He and his minion Beastman charge in to take capture her.

Once he brought down Teela, he and Beastman headed to the legendary Castle Grayskull The spirit of Grayskull awakens and warns him not to enter.
Yeah, that's right. Grayskull talks in this version. this must be where the 2003 toy line got the idea of having Grayskull speak. I was severely confused at the time but upon reading this, I see where they got the idea. Man, it's a good thing they took that out in the cartoon. That would've been awkward for the Sorceress.
SORCERESS: Time to take my bath *undresses*
GRAYSKULL: mmm, you've got some epic boobs there, Sorceress. That's a fine ass too
SORCERESS: >< So much for this idea.

Skeletor defies the castle's warning and with his power, forces the Jaw-bridge to open

Once they've entered the castle, Skeletor uses reads an ancient scroll to search for a magic sword hidden in the castle.

Meanwhile, Man-At-Arms offers his help but He-Man says he does not have time to get to Grayskull by wheels and uses his battle ram to teleport.

Back at the castle, our villains come across a door that Beastman is unable to open, but Skeletor is with his own lightning sword. (some security Grayskull has)

Upon opening this door, Skeletor goes through a tunnel and finds what he was looking for. Half of the legendary power sword. The sword Skeletor has now is the other half. When brought together, the two halves give him the power to control Grayskull.

He-Man soon arrives to the scene his Battle Ram to save Grayskull and Teela. Wearing his force field suit, the lasers from Grayskull's gun that Beast Man fires are of no use. So instead of shooting He-Man, Beast Man shoots his Battle Ram.

But before Beast Man can finish the job, Man-At-Arms comes to the rescue and saves He-Man. So while Man-At-Arms keeps Beast Man busy, He-Man uses all his might to pry open the Jaw-Bride.
Hmm, ever notice how many names in this world use the word "Man?" In this comic alone we've got He-Man, Beast Man, and Man-At-Arms. To say nothing of characters such as Ram Man, Man-E-Faces, Mer-Man, ect.
And He-Man just pries the Jaw Bride open? The Jaw Bridge of the all power Castle Grayskull gets pulled open with He-Man just pulling it down? He's not even wearing his super strength suit and he still manages to pry it open. In between this and Skeletor just zapping the castle into submission, it makes me wonder how no one's managed to take this castle over ages ago.

Well, anyway with his suit damaged from the laser cannon, He-Man gets rid of it and fights Skeletor. But Skeletor uses his power sword to bring objects and weapons to life and lunge at him.

Then that Sorceress comes out of no where and pretty much tells Skeletor "You've been a bad boy. No Power Sword for you!" and breaks the halves back apart and makes them disappear. Then she just disappears too.

So then He-Man and friends continue to beat the snot of of Skeletor and Beast Man until they flee with no power sword to protect them. Hey! When did He-Man get his suit back? Oh Well. Grayskull says that it owes them some sort of reward so it brings Teela her unicorn back. I don't know, that seems like kind of a gyp to me. "You protected me and saved Eternia. So in return, here's that horse back. Nothing new, nothing powerful, after all. What do you expect me to do? It's not like I'm some all powerful fortress of mystery... oh... right..."
He-Man doubts that they've seen the last of the power sword but sees the rising sun as "a good omen for the Masters of the Universe."
So there you have it. The original plot of Masters of the Universe. It is certainly more different and unique than the story we got as an animated series. Is it better? Mattel must not have thought so since after a while (probably when they started introducing the cartoon characters as toys like Prince Adam) they switched to the cartoon plot line. But was that the best idea? Which storyline was the best? I'll let you decide that.

This is the Ninja Pirate signing off!

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