Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My favorite cosplays of Anime Boston 2010

Many things make a convention for many people. For some it's the panels. For some, it's the celebrity guest. While those are crucial for a great convention, there is one thing that this Ninja Pirate feels most definitely makes for a memorable convention. That is cosplayers. Some people find them creepy, I find them to be the coolest thing about conventions.

The convention in question is Anime Boston. The largest anime convention in New England. Today I'm giving a long past due run down of my favorite cosplays of the event. The cosplays I found when attending anyway

We'll begin with my number one favorite anime character... Astro Boy!

Sure, she didn't do the full outfit. I've talked to her though. She's working on it. I loved this cosplay not only because she made his hair, and even thought to do herself completely in Black and White; but because this is the very first cosplay of my favorite anime character I had ever seen in person. That alone gives this my props.

Next is my main man since I was a six year old gaming geek; MARIO! There are many Mario cosplays every year at AB but This on in particular made it for a few reasons. Not only did he look the part best, but he's quite possibly the first Mario cosplay I had ever seen with a real mustache.

Next up is actually the first picture I took of the weekend. This is Tamaki and the Twins from Ouran High School Host Club. (Yes, I like this series. Sue me) What caught my eye with them is not only how much they LOOK like the characters. Even if the twins who are male are being played by female (they often are) but in posing, they kept in character well. At least the Twins did. Tamaki is just sort of... standing there. But it's alright. He still looked the part well.

The Legend of Zelda is another cosplay seen a lot here but these two were by far the best. Do I even NEED to say why? Just look at them

Gambit from X-Men was cosplayed fantastically here. Not really a lot to say here except... AWESOME!

I knew it. I knew the moment I saw Harley Quinn's new look in the Arkham Asylum video game, that it would become a popular cosplay. And why shouldn't it be? It was HOT! Not to mention the closest we're getting to how she's appear in Chris Nolan universe. This Joker was so good, she actually kinda scared me

Allo Allo, what's Harley doing with The Riddler? Joker isn't going to be happy about this.
Okay, let's face it. The Joker is over-done in the cosplay world. I was greatful to see someone remembered that yes, The Joker is awesome, but Batman DOES have other villains. Both costumes were pulled off excellently here

Someone else remembered Batman has other villains too and came as a fantastic Two-Face. What would've made it better would be if he sat around the con flipping a coin.
Heads; I pose for your picture. Tails; YOU DIE!
... wait, what?

Hottest. Poison Ivy. EVER! She was so hot, my camera couldn't even photograph her properly

After all these Batman villains, it was really cool to see... BATMAN! Based on his look from The Dark Knight, this was the most EPIC Batman I've ever seen. The details on the suit, the look in his eyes when he posed, if I didn't know any better, I'd say this WAS The Goddamn Batman!

There was a lot of DC Cosplay at this anime convention. But as long as we're getting hot girls in tights, I say who cares?

Hey, look at that. An anime character at an Anime convention. What a concept! This is Radical Edward from Cowboy Bebop. One of my absolute favorite characters from the series and this woman captured her well. The clothes are perfect, the hair looks very well done (Not everyone gets anime hair right) and the pose spoke the character. She looks so good, she gives me a decent idea of what Ed would look like as an adult and honestly, the future looks good

Cosplay of one of the most strangely addictive games ever! the Prince of the Cosmos from Katamari Damacy. this has nothing to do with the cosplay, but the man with the "The end is nigh" sign is deeply amusing.

I caught a Digimon battle. There was a lot of Digimon this year. Inbetween that, Pokemon, and Sailor Moon, Anime Nostalgia seems to be the thing

I like when people take the familiar and re-create it into something still familiar, but unique. This Burlesque-ish Sailor Scouts is a prime example of this.

I laughed so hard when I found this. It's a space alien from Sesame Street that only said "Yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip uh-huh" And in fact, once I pointed it out it started with it's "Yip yip yip yip" spiel. This is the sort of random shit you just don't get at Comi-Con

Jessie and James do the Team Rocket tango! I hope they don't turn around. (There's a "Twerp" behind them)

There are two things in this world guaranteed to get the fanboy in me. Astro Boy and GI Joe. And this convention had both!

And finally, as my absolute favorite cosplay of the weekend, Dr. Black Jack from the Osamu Tezuka Manga of the same name. Black Jack appeared at Cosplay Chess (along with Astro Boy) and after the show, I got a shot.

There you have it. My favorite cosplays from Anime Boston 2010. But these aren't the only photos I took. Take a look at my Deviantart Gallery for more

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  1. I would give the best cosplay to space alien from Sesame Street. LOL