Friday, April 29, 2011

Rukia Kuchiki by Playarts

From the company that gave us the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts toys comes the Bleach toy line. if you don't know, Bleach is an anime about a boy named Ichigo with the power to see ghosts who gains the power to fight soul devouring monsters known as "Hallows." There's a whole lot more going on in it but I could go on for hours on it. Instead, I'm here to review the action figure of my favorite character from the series. Rukia Kuchiki

If you've seen Playarts toys in their boxes before than this is nothing new. Same window type box as other Playarts figures but as they say; "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
But you see, it's shortly after I open this box that we have our first problem.

That's right. The damn thing's foot broke right out of the package. This was nothing a little super glue couldn't fix and while I know this isn't a figure made to be played with, I still found this ridiculous.

Once I got the foot fixed, Rukia was good to go. Right off the bat I can see great care was put into the details for the figure. (Too bad the same couldn't be said for the damn foot)

Her head is beautifully sculpted and painted. From the eyes, the hair, and the face, This IS Rukia Kuchiki.

Once I got over the fear of more parts breaking, I could see that her poseability was excellent as well. Her joints are pretty tight though so I wouldn't force her to pose too hard. You can also see from this photo in comparison to the first one, that she has interchangeable hands. However, they're a bit of a pain to get in and out so once I got the hands meant for her sword in, I decided I wouldn't be taking them back out.

Another accessory is her sword as it appears making her special attack. A nice extra touch but not something I personally will be displaying were with a lot. Her ordinary sword works fine enough for me. Which by the way I am also happy to mention has a sheath that works. That always scores extra points for me.

She stands at well over 6 inches tall which is odd considering how she's among the shortest people in the show. If they're all going to be in proper scale, Ichigo must be freakin' HUGE!

She also comes with my other favorite character in the series. KON!

(Insert Captain Kirk screaming Kahn joke here)

He doesn't do anything though he IS pose able in the head and arms.

As a big big fan of the character Rukia, I had to own this figure and am very happy with it even with the broken foot I had to fix. If you're a fan of the show and of this character I recommend it. Just be real careful opening it.


  1. Me gusto tu review , yo poseo la misma figura y al igual que tu me vino con el pie quebrado (como tu dijiste nada que un pegamento fuerte no pueda reparar) investigando un poco descubri que es normal en este figura que venga con ese detalle lo cual es algo extraño e ironico no? Saludos

  2. When i can buy figure from Bleach? :/