Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Last Action Hero Jack Slater figure


Ah Last Action Hero. Poor Poor Last Action Hero. So misunderstood. Everyone thinks you're a horrible action film when in reality, you're a PARODY of action films. You're not supposed to be a LEGIT action film you're supposed to be a joke! But, we're not here to rant about a movie. No, we're here for a...

Like most movies made in the 90s, Last Action Hero had an toy line to go with it. It wasn't anything special and wasn't a massive success but we got some fun toys out of it and once such toy is "Dynamite Jack Slater."

All the toys came in this same card featuring the movie poster. Pretty standard toy package so nothing really to say here except "OH YEAH! I only paid a BUCK for this!" So let's tear this bad boy out!

Actually, he's from an unpopular toy line based on an unpopular movie and I only paid a buck for him. Doubt he's got much collector's value.

Right out of the package, I have to say that this is a fantastic head sculpt. It's an excellent likeness to Arnold. Especially for early 90s toy making technology. An being an early 90s toy, what do we know about early 90s toys? That's right. They're incredibly gimmicky!

He comes with two barbells, two dynamites, a piece of brick wall and a piece of steel.

When you pull his arm back, it locks in place. You can then place one of these items on his hand.

When you pull down on this lever, Jack's spring loaded arm swings forward and throws the item. Without the item though, you could have Jack go around "bitch slapping" his enemies. And who doesn't want a "Bitch Slapping" Arnold Schwarzenegger?

He's about 5 inches tall which could bring about some interesting crossovers.
All in all, I think he's a fun toy. Especially since I got him for so cheap. I do have one question though

see, he has a hole in his other hand implying that he's supposed to hold something like a gun but he doesn't come with one. Why is this? My theory is that he was meant to come with a gun but they took it out at the last minute for concerned parents who think the world's problems will be solved if they take the guns out of toys.
But screw you soccer moms!

I gave him a gun anyway!!

Overall though, he's gimmicky but fun. I couldn't resist the chance to own a little Arnold toy with "Bitch slapping action." Especially at only a buck!

Now Arnold needs to lament about the failure of his movie.

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