Sunday, July 18, 2010

Runaway by Luis Cardenas

Ah the 80s. Say what you will about our cartoons, and our toys, but you have to admit that we had the best damn music videos ever! They were creative, they were clever, and they were FUN! Because of this, I thought I'd start showcasing some of my favorite music videos from this era starting with this forgotten gem.
Luis Cardenas; famous in the 80s for holding the world record for the largest drum set in the world did a cover of Del Shannon's "Runaway" that was not only in this pirate's opinion the best very of the song, but had one of the most amusing music videos in the 80s. It wasn't exactly complex or meaningful but it had something you don't see in most videos these days. HARD ROCKING DINOSAURS!

The video begins with Luis on the phone. It appears his girl just dumped him. Saddened, he picks up his drum sticks, heads outside and starts singing his song as he goes around allies drumming on walls and trash cans.

Unknown to our drummer, there's something strange about this alley. An it's not the smelly Hobo. In fact, I'd find it weird if the alley DIDN'T have a smelly Hobo.
He comes across a junkyard with his epic drum set. I doubt he knows what his world record drum set is doing in a junkyard but since it's here...

As he jams, Dinosaurs start circling around him getting into the music.

Go on, dear. Touch the random glowing guitar. I'm sure nothing bad with happen
A random glowing guitar appears. The Dinosaur's wife pushes him to pick it up (nice woman) and in doing so...

He transforms into... that! But he's not the only one

As the song continues they all start turning into 80s stereotype rockers.

Except for this guy. I'm pretty sure he always looked like that. The T-Rex decides he wants to be on drums and what do you do when the T-Rex wants to play your drums? You get out of the way and LET HIM!
And now we have a T-Rex on drums.

This is officially the best video EVER!

The little jam session goes on until a police officer comes by. And yes, that IS Del Shannon as the officer. It was the last video he appeared in before his death. The dinosaurs vanish just as he arrives leaving Luis alone.

As the officer walks him to his car, Luis' band mates ran up to him (one wonders how they knew he was there) to show him that they got a gig and have to go practice. (Which sort of came out of nowhere. I think this was about a break up. Oh Well.) The cop lets him go and all is well. That is until one of the dinosaurs sneaks up behind his car and sprays "Runaway" on the back.

So there you have it. A fun little video that was a favorite of mine when I was young. If you want to see it yourself, here you go;

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